About Us

Elevate Partners is a boutique consultancy firm specialising in delivering Executive Search, Executive Learning and Keynote Speakers to a diverse range of clients in the Financial Services Sector.

At Elevate we pride ourselves on our unique company culture. We are diligent, pragmatic and committed to building long term strategic partnerships with both clients and candidates. We take time to understand our candidates career goals, so we can coach and mentor them through the recruitment process to fulfil their potential and elevate their career to the next level whilst enhancing your company achievements and strategic targets.

We are delighted to partner with a cutting edge speaker agency with a global foot print. Through this partnership we now not only recruit first class executives for you, we continue to advise you and them through our Executive Learning, Boardroom Advisory and Keynote Speaker expertise. These are provided through a diverse and unique group of innovators, futurists, political leaders, economic forecasters, multi-national chairmen, digital cyber experts and educational thought leaders.

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Business News

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